The first chapter of Alpha Delta Pi was founded in 1851 by 6 women named Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald, Octavia Andrew Rush, Elizabeth Williams Mitchell, Ella Pierce Turner, Sophronia Woodruff Dews, and Mary Evans Glass at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia. 

Our chapter, Eta Alpha, was founded on February 12th, 1984. Because we were founded so close to Valentines Day, we are called the Sweetheart Chapter.  



Our mascot is a lion. 

His nickname is alphie.


you can spot him in the adpi suite or hanging out with us during recruitment. 




another thing that represents alpha delta pi is a diamond.

it is the shape of our badge and it inspired our hand sign. 



the alpha delta pi badge is very near and dear to our hearts.

with its four points (sisterhood, scholarship, service, and self), it reminds us on why we strive to live to be the best versions of ourselves. 




the woodland violet flower is the official flower of alpha delta pi. 

during chapter we write 'violets' to our sisters about how much we love them, getting a job, or any other exciting reason to shout them out.